Introduction is owned and operated by the company Trip First L.L.E, a company registered in the US. Our Privacy Policy identifies and explains the various methods of data collection, use, disclosure, and otherwise processing of personally identifiable information (personal data) that has been gathered from customers as a result of the customer’s usage of the Trip First L.L.E website accessible at (site). References to the site are deemed to include derivatives thereof, including, but not limited to mobile websites. By visiting and using the website, you consent to the collection, use, disclosure, and otherwise processing of your personal data as stated in this privacy policy.

In case of any changes to this privacy policy by Trip First L.L.E to reflect law, collection and use of personal data, website features or technological advancements. In instances we make changes to the collection methods and use of personal data, we shall post an update on this privacy policy with a notice of application of said changes at the top of this privacy policy. Therefore it is recommended that you visit and check this page frequently so that you remain up to date with our practices and policies. Trip First L.L.E will also prominently state the forthcoming changes before putting the changes into practice for your information. If you do not wish to agree with the policies set forth by the privacy policy, or do not agree with the changes in the policies please discontinue use of the website and its associated applications. However if you continue to use the Site after the implementation date of such changes, you should have consented to the changes mentioned therein.

Information we collect

We collect personal data which is provided to us by you when you are using the website and its services. Personal data includes, name, email, phone number, address, credit card information, accommodation name, stay period and accommodation location. Please understand that even if you do not make a reservation on or through Trip First L.L.E we may, at our sole discretion collection certain information such as your IP address, geographic data, your nationality and password, search preferences related to specific searches, which browser you’re using, and information about your computer’s operating system, application version, language settings and pages that have been shown to you. If you are accessing the Trip First L.L.E Site with a mobile device, we will also collect information that identifies your mobile device, device-specific settings and characteristics and latitude/longitude details, and if you do participate in the Trip First L.L.E program we will also collection some additional data from accommodation about your stay, for example, a list of charges (anonymized) as part of the Trip First L.L.E Reception program. When you do make a reservation on Trip First L.L.E, our system registers through which and from which medium shave you made contact with the Site.

Protecting Your Personal Data

To prevent the unauthorized access of personal data, Trip First L.L.E maintains a strict adherence policy of safeguarding all information stored with the site, we safeguard all Personal Data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, or unauthorized disclosure or access. For the safeguarding of credit card information Trip First L.L.E uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which encrypt credit card information during transit.

How we use Personal data we collect - Credit Card on File

i) General Use: All personal data collected through the Trip First L.L.E website is used to (a) register you with the Site and create your user account, (b) provide you with the requested services (mainly to process and confirm your reservation with the accommodation provider or other supplier) after verifying your credentials, (c) provide you with information about our services on the Site or on other websites and to communicate with you to the extent necessary to provide such requested services, (d) shape features that will make the services accessible on the Site easier to use, (e) for using the information to better the end user experience and to facilitate internal learning, (f) for the detection and prevention of fraud and other illegal or unwanted activities or (g) get in touch with you in case of any changes with the booking. The use of Personal Data results in faster requests of purchase, efficient customer support and timely communication of new and improved services.

ii) We will also use the information available to us to send marketing materials and collaterals which are permissible by law.

When you make a reservation with First Trip, we will use your personal data to send you information pertaining to new of products and services that is valid and useful for travelers. Also, with your consent (if required by local law), we will send you regular newsletters via email. You can, however, opt out from all marketing, advertising and related programs using the “unsubscribe” button given in every Trip First L.L.E newsletter. Or you can simply administer your subscriptions from your personal account are (if you have created one). Based on the information that you share with us, we will show you relevant advertisements on site, on social media and third party sites which will be accessible through the site, which we assume will be useful to you. In case you have not finalized a reservation with Trip First L.L.E yet, we will also send you a reminder to complete the reservation. We are keen on doing this so that you do not have to look for the said reservation again and fill-in the reservation details again.

It is to be noted here that reservation confirmation emails, text messages send for the booking and all related review emails that are sent after your departure are not marketing messages. These messages are part of the reservation process. These messages and emails are sent with information that will be useful for you stay at the reservation or to provide a better process know-how of submitting a review after tour stay. You will continue to receive these messages even if you have opted out of the marketing programs at Trip First L.L.E.

iii) Credit Card – On File: When making a reservation (logging-in) on the Site, you will have the option to save your credit card information on your account which can be used in the future to make faster booking on the Trip First L.L.E Site. Once your card information is saved in your account, the credit card information will be encrypted. For safety and precautions, the credit card numbers are not editable once saved, these however can be deleted. Once your credit card details are saved and used in any transactions only the last four digits will be visible (this is done so that transactions are identifiable pertaining to your card in case a refund request is submitted against an order).

Sharing of Personal Data

Trip First L.L.E may share your Personal Data with suppliers such as accommodation properties and other third parties we engage-with to execute services on our behalf, such as third party loyalty programs, data analysis, web hosting, marketing (with websites owned and operated by Third Parties), customer support, payment & credit card management services and other relevant services. If you are enrolled in the Trip First L.L.E Reception program as detailed in Terms of Use, Trip First L.L.E may share your credit card information that you may have on file with Trip First L.L.E with the property you have reserved but only to the extent required to allow the functioning of the Trip First L.L.E Reception program and the billing by the accommodation for expenses levied by you at the relevant property. All such third parties will be under a compulsion to sustain the security and concealment of the Personal Data, and to process the Personal Data only in agreement with our advices.

In specific cases, Trip First L.L.E may need that you deal directly with a third party to obtain facilities, or when you use the Site to book an accommodation or obtain alternative service (such as points under a third-party loyalty program), we may give access to your Personal Data to that third party or accommodation. Trip First L.L.E may propose services that are other than those that it owns (typically “add-ons”) to provide help with planning your trip, to offer benefits or for other services/purposes that may interest you. These services are offered by third party providers. As specified above, appropriate data about this service may be made available to such third party providers to guarantee optimum service.

Except for disclosures stated in this Privacy Policy or as prerequisite or permitted by law in any applicable jurisdiction as cited below and the disclosure of your Personal Data and information required for fuelling your reservation with the applicable accommodation as selected by you and the sharing of certain Personal Data with designated partners where applicable (your details will be used for reporting and analysis purposes only), we will not make known your Personal Data to third parties without your consent. However, at our sole discretion it is our right to disclose your Personal Data to our associated (group) companies (in and outside your home country), including our affiliated (group) businesses' employees and our trusted managers and representatives who have access to this data with our consent and who require knowledge or have access to this data to perform the requested service by you (including customer care services) and internal (audit/compliance) departments.

Trip First L.L.E may, in accordance with pertinent law, disclose Personal Data to guard ourselves against liability, to respond to summons, judicial procedures, legitimate appeals, warrants or other legal documentation presented by law enforcement agency or authorities, to investigate fraud or other wrongdoing or as otherwise required or obligatory in order to conform with applicable law, defend our legitimate welfares or to the purchasers in connection with any sale, assignment, or other transfer of all or a part of our business or company. We may also, in agreement with applicable law, disclose Personal Data to impose or apply the terms and conditions applicable to our facilities or to protect the rights, property or safety of Trip First L.L.E, our users all and sundry.

In the conditions described above, the beneficiary of the Personal Data may be situated in a jurisdiction which may have different principles of data protection as compared to the applicable laws in your home jurisdiction.

Polices Pertaining to Cookies and Page Tags

By visiting our Site, you assent to the usage of cookies and tags as discussed below. Our Site uses session and persistent cookies together with page tags to gather and collect specific information about you. A cookie is a piece of information that is sent by the Site and is saved to your computer’s hard-drive. Page tags are used to write information in a cookie. Cookies or page tags may be from Trip First L.L.E and/or third party vendors we have selected to work with. Session cookies are deleted from your computer when you close the browser. Persistent cookies will exist on your computer even after the browser has been closed, however can be deleted from the settings tab of your browser. The use of these cookies and page tags may differ, and are described in the proper sections below.

Opting Out

If you do not wish your web browser to accept cookies, prompt you before accepting cookies, or if you want to permanently delete saved cookies from your browser, you can do so by going to the settings tab on your browser and changing the settings or deleting cookie history. In case you delete cookies on your browser or want to disable the use of cookies on the browser, you will not be able to see and use the complete features of the websites and will eventually be required to re-enter your log-in details time and again for the Site to communicate with your browser. It should also be noted here that opting out of a third party cookie does not mean that you will also not receive any third party marketing analysis or online advertising. It only means that the ad network that you have opted out from will no longer be able to send you personalized online advertisements based on your online usage of the website. Also to be noted here is that in case you clear all the cookies on your browser, or use a new browser all together, you will have to opt-out by following the said procedure again.

Informational and Opt Out Tools

In case you require more information about the info collection practices of third-party advertising agencies and your choices about not having this information used by these businesses, or you would like to opt out of online preference marketing, you have the subsequent opt-out choices:


To opt out of analytics programs, you can use the following tools:;




Apart from the above, Trip First L.L.E may add, from time to time additional links for you to protect your online privacy.

Cookies, Page Tags and Data Use

Trip First L.L.E Cookies

Trip First L.L.E uses a session cookies to keep you logged in through your visit to the Site.

Trip First L.L.E uses persistent cookies to "personalize" the Site for individual users by retaining information about the user's visit to and actions on the Site, e.g., log-in details so that you do not need to re-enter them at your next visit to the Site.

Trip First L.L.E also uses persistent cookies or page tags to analyze an individual’s surfing behavior and their visit to the Site enabling us to improve the Site and our services and to tailor our advertising (via email, on our Site, and on other websites) according to the interests of our users. Such cookies and page tags collect information about the pages visited on the Site and the searches performed.

Website analytics

Third party companies may use persistent cookies to analyze your surfing behavior on and your visit to this Site as well as other web sites enabling us to improve the Site and our services. Website analytics platforms may be used to collect unidentifiable information for reports such as impression reporting, demographic reporting and interest reporting. To opt out of collection of information by third parties for analytic purposes, please click on one or more of the third party links in the above “Opt Out Tools” section.

Third Party Cookies, Page Tags and Hashed Data

Our third party advertising companies may place cookies or page tags on some of the pages you visit on the Site. These cookies or page tags are designed to collect information that is not personally identifiable and are only placed in order to analyze your interests and page searches when visiting our Site and to serve you advertisements that have been tailored as per your preferences and searches on our Site or other websites. We may share non-personally identifiable information collected through cookies and page tags with other third parties for the sole purpose of managing and targeting advertisements and for market research analysis. In addition, we may share one-way hashed (undecipherable) data with third party vendors using advertisement targeting products. Such third party vendors typically use hashed device identifiers to link such identifiers to their own users and to serve custom ads based on users' prior visits to the Site. As a consequence, third party vendors may show our and/ or our partners’ ads on other websites.


Trip First L.L.E may use a combination of the above discussed cookies and page tags to adapt your interaction with our Site and our ads to your inclinations. We use display and search remarketing to mold ad content for a better user experience.

Where other advertising may not require the use of cookies or page tags, third party data is used to determine when a Trip First L.L.E ad will be shown.

Trip First L.L.E takes all possible actions to not collect, and to prevent the use of, personal data in third party advertising solutions, unless you have consented. To opt-out of collection of information by third parties for advertising purposes, please click on one or more of the third party links in the above “Opt Out Tools” section.

Advertising and content on other websites

Trip First L.L.E uses third party tools to show ads on a variety of websites. Trip First L.L.E does not support nor endorses the objectives, causes or declarations of the websites which show our ads.

How You Can Access or Change Your Personally Identifiable Information

In case you wish to update any Personal Data you have provided previously, or to exercise any right of access, alteration, modification, removal, or disagreement to the processing of your Personal Data that you may have under pertinent laws, please let us know via our Customer Support page. In order to safeguard your privacy and safekeeping, we will authenticate your identity before providing access or allowing to make changes to your Personal Data. All requests to make changes to Personal data will be answered in a given timeframe. You may also object to the processing of your Personal Data for purposes of advertising and market and opinion research. Out of our sole discretion we may charge a fee to grant access in accordance with applicable laws.

To come in contact with our available customer care representatives about privacy issues via email, you may send an email to:
Similarly you may also send us a written application on our corporate office address:
Trip First L.L.E Company Pte. Ltd.
Florida, 80 S.W. 8th Street,
Suite 2000, Miami,
33130, USA

If you wish to contact our customer service representatives by call, you can call us at:

+ 1-844-999-8747 (call charges apply, international call rates apply for calls placed from outside USA) or any other number(s) listed on the Site.

Notice for Minors

Persons who fall under 18 years of age (Minors) at the time of using the website, do not qualify to make a reservation through the Site. However Minors may accompanying their parents, guardians or custodians who may have reserved accommodations through Trip First L.L.E, unless stated otherwise by the property policy.


This privacy policy and all its parts have been written in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the English Language. Translations of this policy may be made available in any languages as per your convenience. Whereby in case of any conflict of idea between the English version and that of the translated version, the English version shall prevail.

Terms of Use

In order to learn about the Terms of Use please consult the “Terms of Use” document. This Privacy Policy serves as an integral part of the terms of use document.